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Fat a blocker - capsules for weight loss
  • Fat a blocker - capsules for weight loss
  • Fat a blocker - capsules for weight loss
  • Fat a blocker - capsules for weight loss
  • Fat a blocker - capsules for weight loss
  • Fat a blocker - capsules for weight loss

Fat a blocker - capsules for weight loss

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Fat Blocker

The latest formula



Traditional Chinese medicine.

Capsules for weight loss "A fat blocker" show the first effective results already at the beginning of reception, effectively solving problems of the excess body weight connected with overeating consequences, with genetic or postnatal completeness, metabolic disorders or obesity owing to a lack of physical activities.

The Blocker of Fat is the main advantage of capsules to weight loss the fact that medicine quickly adapts to an organism without special side effects.

Indications: Extra kilos on a stomach and a waist, postnatal obesity and obesity of unlimited meal, obesity from an overeating of greasy food, obesity from a lack of physical activity.

Action: Reduces appetite, promotes process of moderate starvation, and leads to the accelerated decrease in excess weight. Reception of the Fat Blocker capsules also stimulates and accelerates metabolism, promotes removal of slags and toxins that promotes improvement of a condition of skin, normalization of lipidic exchange and in general the general improvement of an organism.

The ingredients which are a part of capsules have valuable natural properties, are safe for the use and are successfully applied in the Chinese medicine throughout three millennia.

Are a part of medicine: L - carnitine, Lotus leaf, Poriya kokosovidny,
Plum stones, Yam, Hawthorn.

Method of application: 1 time a day on one capsule. Capsules for weight loss "Fat the blocker" is the latest formula for bystry and effective weight loss. It is convenient to accept only once in day.

During the day it is recommended to drink not less than 2 liters of water. since the basic accelerator of process of a metabolism and combustion of fat, a conclusion of toxins and other processes, drinking water is.

Acceptance of alcohol netralizut effect of medicine, and slows down process of a metabolism in your organism for oprelenny time. Medicines of a similar order work and yield positive result only at total absence in an organism of alcoholic symptoms. And also for the period of a course it is necessary to refuse strong tea, coffee.

At the correct observance of a course, the result will surpass all expectations.

Contraindications: the children, pregnant women feeding the people having heart troubles, kidneys, elevated pressure.

Is not medicine.

P. S. On researches of experts in the field of weight loss by tablets on average it is possible to lose in weight about 6 - 12 kg a month. Weight loss over 12 kg a month is considered abnormal. Experts nutritionists extremely do not recommend to grow thin quickly as along with bystry weight loss it is possible to get several unpleasant and even dangerous diseases and deviations of work of internals. For example, liver obesity which arises at a severe hunger strike. The principle of work of tablets for weight loss, this loss of appetite and reduction of meal, and sometimes just a hunger strike. Our organism it is impossible to deceive, well or it is at least very difficult.

Grow thin correctly, and protect the health! .

 Packing: 21 capsules.


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Country of manufacture:Hong Kong
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