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Korditseps Chinese (0.5 mg x 100 pieces)
  • Korditseps Chinese (0.5 mg x 100 pieces)
  • Korditseps Chinese (0.5 mg x 100 pieces)

Korditseps Chinese (0.5 mg x 100 pieces)

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Brand:999 Cogem BioEngineering
Country of manufacture:China
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In capsules - 0.5mg x 100 pieces


Korditseps's root, known and valuable means of the Chinese medicine.

It has property of bilateral regulation of all functions of a human body. Korditseps contains such special biologically active agents as acid of a korditseps, korditsepin, polysaccharides of a korditseps.

Besides, a significant amount of amino acids, polypeptides, more than 20 minerals and vitamins, and also other components necessary for our organism are its part.

Korditseps protects a liver, softens lungs, feeds marrow, slows down development of cancer cells, slows down processes of aging in an organism, increases immunity. Thus, korditseps Chinese renders salutary lechebno - improving action practically on all physiological processes of a human body.


The main active components of a korditseps and their pharmacological action (materials are provided by department of medicine of the Beijing university). Polysaccharides of a korditseps are amplifiers and regulators of immunity. They increase organism resilience to many species of pathogenic bacteria, viruses and parasites, and also possess anticarcinogenic action, constraining development of tumors.

Polysaccharides of a korditseps increase detoksikatsionny functions of a liver, having the protecting effect on this body. These active components of a korditseps also promote decrease in content of sugar in blood, serve for prevention of diabetes.

Acid of a korditseps improves microblood circulation in an organism, promotes expansion of capillaries and mitigation of their walls, effectively snizht the content of cholesterol of blood. It also calms cough, eliminates a phlegm, possesses antiasthmatic action.

This active component eliminates free radicals, expands blood vessels, reduces blood pressure, gives significant assistance at treatment warmly - vascular diseases.

Korditsepin is the active component possessing antibacterial and anticarcinogenic action. It slows down formation of cancer cells, effectively constraining development of tumors. In addition, korditsepin makes the regulating impact on endocrine and nervous system of a human body.

The active agents which are a part of medicine:

  • Four types of organic acids:

1. palmitic acid,

2. stearin acid,

3. oleic acid,

4. linoleic acid.

These components promote decrease in fat of blood and to the dvukhstoroyena regulate blood pressure.

Five vitamins: B1, B2, B12, E, To are vitamins necessary for a human body.

Medicine helps to fill their contents. Six types of peptide connections are active agents which effectively increase immunity of a human body.

Nine minerals: sodium, potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, manganese, copper - are a material basis of exchange processes of an organism.

Eighteen amino acids: The substances promoting increase in immunity.

Action: Effective increase in immune function of an organism. Have the protecting effect on macrophages, increase their activity, protect lymphocytes from damages, increase cellular immunity, find functions of a liver, increase the haematogenic function, stimulate a metabolism.

At the people using korditseps immune function about 80% increase. For people with the lowered immune or haematogenic function, and also for the patients having cancer, medicine can become an effective remedy of auxiliary treatment.

Prevention and treatment of diseases of respiratory system:

Medicine promotes the termination of a blood spitting, elimination of a phlegm. It restores the damaged alveolar cages, promotes relaxation of smooth muscles of bronchial tubes, improves functions of lungs, facilitates symptoms and reduces quantity of attacks at such diseases as chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, emphysema of lungs, warm and pulmonary diseases.

Especially good effect of use of medicine is reached at the senile and connected with smoking chronic bronchitis and bronchial asthma. Counteraction of a hypoxia, removal of exhaustion, increase in physical endurance: after sports activities or physical work, in tissues of muscles a significant amount of lactic acid and other products of a metabolism collects.

Stimulating blood circulation, korditseps promotes their bystry removal from an organism. Effectively remove a hypoxia, exhaustion and promote increase in physical endurance.

Salutary impact on cardiovascular system:

Medicine promotes decrease in content of cholesterol and triglycerides of blood, prevents formation of blood clots, reduces oxygen consumption by a myocardium (cardiac muscle), improves a state at myocardium ischemia, regulates microblood circulation of tissues of heart, brain and kidneys, normalizing local blood circulation of these bodies.

Completion of kidneys: Increase in sexual functions at men. Improve microblood circulation of kidneys and local blood circulation of this body, regulate secretion of adrenaline and other hormones connected with sexual functions.

Thus, well influence kidneys and strengthens sexual functions at men. Therefore, medicine well helps people of middle and advanced age with violations of the sexual function caused by endocrine frustration and also is an effective remedy for auxiliary treatment of a sharp and chronic renal failure.

Protection of a liver: According to data of researches, korditsepin and polysaccharides of a korditseps are capable to strengthen fagotsitarny functions of cells of a liver, to prevent fibrosis of tissues of liver, to counteract a peroksidation of lipids. Besides, increasing immunity, korditseps increases detoksikatsionny functions of a liver, protects its cages.

Antineoplastic action: Medicine slows down division of cancer cells, interferes with spread of a tumor. Delay of processes of aging in an organism, a climax distance. Polysaccharides of a korditseps, amino acid, polypeptides, nucleinic acids and vitamins are five of 7 big groups biologically - active agents which according to the conventional data of modern medicine, counteract processes of aging in an organism.

These components, the free radicals doing harm to a human body effectively eliminate, thus, slowing down processes of aging and increasing life expectancy.

Cosmetology action: The active composition of medicine promotes expansion of blood vessels, improvement of blood circulation of epidermis, having, thus, cosmetology effect on skin.

Way of reception: it is necessary to accept 2 times a day 2 capsules. Medicine is best of all acquired at its reception on a hungry stomach in the morning or for half an hour to food the Best results are achieved at reception of medicine within 3 - 6 months. Before reception of medicine it is desirable to consult with the expert.

If you appreciate time, then and protect the zdovya! .

Release form: 60 capsules - 0.5mg x 100 pieces


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Brand:999 Cogem BioEngineering
Country of manufacture:China
Release form:Capsules
Information is up-to-date: 29.05.2022

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