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Ozdorovitelno - a massage stick of ChKA - Doyan for reduction + YaRun lubricant as a gif
  • Ozdorovitelno - a massage stick of ChKA - Doyan for reduction + YaRun lubricant as a gif

Ozdorovitelno - a massage stick of ChKA - Doyan for reduction + YaRun lubricant as a gif

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Chka "Doyan"




Ozdorovitelno - preventive

Stick - for narrowing of a vagina 

Chka of Doyan is treatment - and - prophylactic means and is effective at vaginita, allocations, at an inflammation, at a uterus neck erosion, at omission of bodies of a small pelvis, at flabbiness of muscles of a vagina. Suits those who do not receive an orgasm because of weak and friable muscles of a vagina.

Characteristic: In South Korea, there is a curative grass "mountain Maduly" and its properties are surprising. The grass promotes reduction of muscles of a vagina of the woman, doing it devstvenno narrow (this effect is compared to virginity restoration). These properties were put for a basis during creation of a female product which would help to solve a problem of omission of bodies of a small pelvis and prolixity of a vagina.

Properties: On the basis of ancient knowledge and modern biotechnologies created "A stick for massage of a vagina of Doyan" in the form of a cigar which contains grass root extract "mountain Madula". At the same time the stick and its structure do not exert negative impact on an organism. The Korean people by right appropriated to this stick the honourable name "Women's Viagra"!

During clinical tests by "Public health research center Chengyu", in South Korea, it was revealed that in 30 seconds after the woman inserted a stick into a vagina, muscles of a vagina were reduced. Before use of "A stick for reduction" pressure of a vagina of the patient of 18 mg upon sq. dm, and after use of Chka pressure increased up to 60 mg on sq. dm. Muscles of a vagina were reduced more, than by 3 times.

Chka of Doyan reduces the woman's vagina, stimulates a female orgasm, sexual feelings at the man. Has especially obvious auxiliary action when cooling in sexual life, at inconsistency of sexual life at partners. "The stick for massage of a vagina" is made in the form of a cigar that does its convenient in application. The Korean people by right appropriated to this stick the honourable name "Women's Viagra"!

Main properties:

  • Reduces vagina walls, doing it devstvenno narrow,
  • Promotes narrowing of a uterus after the delivery,
  • Accelerates and stimulates metabolism in cages,
  • Eliminates allocations and an unpleasant smell,
  • Prevents vaginit, an inflammation of appendages, pelvic peritonitis, an erosion of a neck of a uterus and others,
  • Gynecologic diseases,
  • Prevents a cross infection at sexual partners,
  • Stimulates a female orgasm and sexual feelings at the man.

Structure: Talc, pearls powder, powder alum, borneol, grass root "mountain Madula" and other curative herbs.

Indications to application:

  • Prevention of various inflammatory gynecologic diseases,
  • For clarification mucous vaginas,
  • Postnatal consequences (expansion of walls of a vagina and uterus),
  • Lifting of muscles of a vagina and uterus,
  • For strengthening of sexual feelings,
  • For the harmonious sexual relations with the partner.

Method of application:

  • To wash out genitals.
  • Wet 1/2 Chka of Doyan in water or grease with lubricant,
  • Enter slowly into a vagina on 30 sec.
  • Slightly rotate with massage. Having taken out, again moisten.
  • Anew enter on 30 sec. and slightly rotate with massage.
  • To repeat so only 1 - 2 times.

Do not exceed the specified massage time at introduction. Only 30 seconds! In avoidance of excessive reduction of a vagina and difficulty of introduction of a penis. If there was an unpleasant feeling of dryness, use gel - lubricant for sexual intercourse.

Course: Treatment of inflammations and allocations with an unpleasant smell to use 1 time in 2 days. Application duration: 6 - 14 days. A preventive course to use a stick of 1 times in 3 - 4 days. In certain cases there can be a change of RN of a vagina in the sour party. It is recommended in 2 - 3 days after Chk's use, to make alkaline syringing for washing away of lokhiya (allocations).

Option 1: 0,5 liters of warm boiled water + 1 h l. baking soda. To filter, cool, prosprintsevatsya.

Option 2: 1 tbsps of a camomile on 1 glass of boiled water. To insist 20 min. To filter, cool, prosprintsevatsya.

Contraindications:  It is not allowed to pregnant women. During periods not to use. To unmarried girls (virgins) not to use. In the presence of a spiral it is recommended to apply Chk Doyan's stick to reduction of a vagina in a month after installation.

Storage: After application to wash out a stick warm water. To dry on a napkin, to wipe soft fabric and to put in a box. It is necessary to avoid excessive moistening of a stick. Not to drop, fragile and breaks. At careful application of a stick lasts for 3 years of constant use.

If you appreciate time, then and protect health! .

Packing: 1 pieces (box).


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Country of manufacture:China
Gender:For women
Additional effect:Narrowing of the vagina
Information is up-to-date: 19.04.2022

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