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Reduksin light - Capsules for weight loss
  • Reduksin light - Capsules for weight loss
  • Reduksin light - Capsules for weight loss
  • Reduksin light - Capsules for weight loss
  • Reduksin light - Capsules for weight loss

Reduksin light - Capsules for weight loss

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Brand:"МедПро", ООО "Полярис" РФ, 183001, г. Мурманск,
Country of manufacture:Russia
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Reduksin light

The strengthened formula

Easy and bystry weight loss with Reduksin - layt!


  • Models a silhouette.
  • Promotes decrease in fatty stocks.
  • Strengthens muscles.
  • Reduces volumes in a waist, hips, a stomach.
  • Controls appetite.
  • Promotes a loss of appetite.
  • Allows to reduce the volume of the consumed food: accelerates saturation approach.

 Improves mood at the persons keeping to a diet.

Efficiency of the medicine Reduksina - layt in fight for an ideal figure is reached due to synergy of action of all components which supplement and strengthen action of each other.


1. the conjugated linoleic acid of 500 mg,

2. a root of a yam Chinese crushed 70 mg,

3. 5 hydroxytryptophane - NC - 50 mg,

4. an extract from extract of a yam of wild 30 mg.

Characteristic: Reduksin - layt the strengthened formula is a dietary supplement to food.

Method of application: on 1 capsule 2 times a day during food or after meal, washing down with enough water. During the day it is recommended to drink not less 2kh water liters. since the basic accelerator of process of a metabolism and combustion of fat, a conclusion of toxins and other processes, drinking water is.

In the fact - finding purposes with medicine to begin reception with 1 capsule a day, for the analysis of characteristics of action of structure of capsules. An exit from a condition of metabolism has to be same smooth and soft, reducing reception of capsules to 1 in days, and further on 1 every other day, in avoidance of a recurrence.

Acceptance of alcohol netralizut effect of medicine, and slows down process of a metabolism in your organism for oprelenny time. Medicines of a similar order work and yield positive result only at total absence in an organism of alcoholic symptoms.  And also for the period of a course it is necessary to refuse strong tea, coffee.

At the correct observance of a course, the result will surpass all expectations.

Contraindications: Individual intolerance of components, pregnancy, feeding by a breast, teenage age up to 18 years.

Is not medicine.

P. S. On researches of experts in the field of weight loss by tablets on average it is possible to lose in weight about 6 - 12 kg a month. Weight loss over 12 kg a month is considered abnormal. Experts nutritionists extremely do not recommend to grow thin quickly as along with bystry weight loss it is possible to get several unpleasant and even dangerous diseases and deviations of work of internals. For example, liver obesity which arises at a severe hunger strike. The principle of work of tablets for weight loss, this loss of appetite and reduction of meal, and sometimes just a hunger strike. Our organism it is impossible to deceive, well or it is at least very difficult.

 Grow thin correctly, and protect the health! .

Producer: LLC Polyaris of the Russian Federation, 183001, Murmansk, by request of LLC Medpro

Packing: 60 capsules.

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across Almaty the courier - from 500 TNG. , depending on the area. On regions of RK sending according to Kazpochta's tariff, with an advance payment - 1800 TNG. (only it is expensive) with cash on delivery of cost of the order. . . Sending EMS on RK and the Russian Federation on 100% to payment.


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Brand:"МедПро", ООО "Полярис" РФ, 183001, г. Мурманск,
Country of manufacture:Russia
Release form:Capsules
Information is up-to-date: 29.05.2022

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