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Samyun Wan (Samiun Wang) - For a set of muscle bulk.
  • Samyun Wan (Samiun Wang) - For a set of muscle bulk.
  • Samyun Wan (Samiun Wang) - For a set of muscle bulk.

Samyun Wan (Samiun Wang) - For a set of muscle bulk.

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Brand:Lonnix (m) SDN
Country of manufacture:Indonesia
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Samyun Wan

 (Samiun Wang)


For a set of muscle bulk.

Samyun Wan (Samiun Wang) is a new natural product which significantly helps to gain muscle bulk. Growth of muscle bulk is caused by an optimum combination of active ingredients. Additive has the toning effect, and also effect of the general strengthening of an organism, increase in operability of immune system. Samyun Wan (Samiun Wang) can be used by bodybuilders for a set of muscle bulk, improvement of a dream and appetite, the best course of the period of restoration.

Characteristic: Samyun Wan (Samiun Wang) is recommended to accept at back pains or in lumbar department, overfatigue or feeling of fatigue, at active sports activities, in bodybuilding for improvement of set of muscle bulk and regulation of all processes in an organism. Also experts recommend this additive to athletes who accept anabolic steroids for support of immune system.

Properties: Samyun Wan (Samiun Wang) - excellent additive for a set of weight which consists of natural components and cannot do much harm to your health in any way. For achievement of the best results, during reception of this natural product we recommend to use not less than 2 g of protein on 1 kg of a body weight, also for the best set of muscle bulk you can combine Samyun Wan (Samiun Wang) with protein complexes, geyner or BCAA.

Medicine will also be useful during drying, it will help to adjust quality of your dream, restoration, will improve processes of digestion of food.

Samyun Wan - 100% for a set of muscle bulk.


Additive reception: Samyun Wan (Samiun Wang) accept on one capsule 2 times a day during meals. It is recommended to accept additive for 1 month.

The special white capsule as a part of Samyun Wan banks: To accept only in case of strong weakness or fatigue, otherwise to keep the capsule for a suitable case (even if packing will end).

Effect of additive:

  • Blood circulation improves.
  • Metabolism improves.
  • Speed of processes of restoration after fizicheky loadings improves.
  • Appetite increases.
  • A set of muscle bulk goes quicker and at the same time fatty deposits are not gathered.
  • Immune protection of an organism improves.
  • Endurance increases.



1. A root of the Shandansky ginseng (Kodonopsis melkovolosisty, Radix codonopsis pilosulae) - 120 mg.

  • Ingredient of additive lifts appetite,
  • Takes off fatigue,
  • Increases endurance and influences a set of muscle bulk.
  • Stimulation of the central nervous system,
  • Blood circulation improvement.


 2. Atraktilodes's rhizome (Rhizoma atractylodis macrocephalae) with a large head - 60 mg.

  • Serves for conservation of energy, reduces release of sweat.


3. Fruits of the Japanese quince (Henomeles fine, Fructus chaenomelis speciosa) - 60 mg.

  • This component saves from feelings of pain and weight.

4. Astragal's root of webby (Radix astragali seu hedysari) - 25 mg.

  • Disposal of fatigue,
  • Improvement of work of heart,
  • Fight against viral diseases.

5. A root of the Ginseng (Radix panax ginseng) - 10 mg.

  • Improvement of blood circulation and general health of an organism.

6. Extract from a horn of a deer (Cornu cervi pantotrichum) - 5 mg.

  • Increases immune protection and power indicators.
  • The mass of amino acid, necessary for set, are a part of extract.


Contraindications: Medicine completely natural without contraindications, except for individual intolerance of separate components.

  • In the first 1 - 2 days of reception drowsiness is possible.


Note: The original information taken from original packings is listed above. Getting a product, you can compare structure which we gave above. We do not bear responsibility for other sources and data which they try to hide.

If you appreciate time, then and multiply opportunities! .

Packing: Bank - 25gr. 20 capsules on 280 mg.


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Brand:Lonnix (m) SDN
Country of manufacture:Indonesia
Release form:Capsules
Information is up-to-date: 11.05.2022

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