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Sex Thrall - Exciting drops for women
  • Sex Thrall - Exciting drops for women
  • Sex Thrall - Exciting drops for women

Sex Thrall - Exciting drops for women

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Brand:American (U.S.A) Human Biological Engineering Researchinstitute
Country of manufacture:Thailand
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Sex Thrall

(Viagra for women)


Exciting drops for women

Powerful and effective aphrodisiac for stimulation of sexual desire at women. The liquid female activator "Sex Thrall" is used to bystry increase in a sexual inclination, it increases sensuality, pleasure, improve sexual function, leading the woman to indescribable delight.

Characteristic: Active ingredient of women's viagra in drops of "Sex Thrall" is the cantharidine, hormone which is responsible for a sexual inclination. At hit in food of the person of a secret of its glands, there is a strong defeat of secretory and nervous system. Using these substances in the correct concentration, it is possible to receive the strong female activator which is at the same time well influencing and on sexual desire of representatives of the weaker sex. The received liquid does not differ in own color, a smell or other characteristics perceived by sense organs.

Effect of medicine: Increase in a sexual inclination, increase in sensitivity, strengthening of an orgasm, improvement of quality of the sexual relations.

Method of application: To accept no more than 15 drops a day, it can be added to any drinks (preferably in hot black insoluble coffee). As Sex Thrall is issued in the form of liquid, not having taste and a smell, some buyers prefer to use medicine without the knowledge of the partner for whom it is intended. Not each person can admit the problem and approach its decision taking into account modern developments of the leading pharmaceutical companies. It should be noted that this approach also has the right for existence and it, perhaps, is more moral, than the request for removal of sexual tension to other partner or even disintegration of a family for the reasons of discrepancy of temperaments of spouses.

Indications to application:

  • Lack of a sexual inclination.
  • Frigidity.
  • Dissatisfaction in sex.
  • Small level of moistening of a vagina.
  • Decrease in sensitivity.

Structure: The cantharidine - the substance extracted from a body of an insect renders strong irritant action on all body tissues of the person, in particular on belonging to urinogenital system. Getting into blood vessels, the cantharidine quickly comes to vagina tissues. There is an active impact on the receptors which are in genitals that leads to the bystry and very strong excitement demanding immediate satisfaction of the arisen requirement. Sex Thrall is simply necessary for the people having problems with achievement of necessary standard for bringing of pleasant feelings to themselves and the partner.


Besides directly had effect, the cantharidine causes strengthening of sensitivity in women. Thanks to it, sexual partners will be able to receive bright, perhaps, earlier novel feelings. Favorable influence does not stop right after receiving a discharge - on the contrary, the recommendation to order Sex Thrall can give to men and women to whom often there is insufficient an achievement only of a single orgasm. It is possible to acquire Sex Thrall legally now, obtaining the recipe of the doctor for this purpose is not required.


  • Individual intolerance or hypersensibility to medicine components,
  • Diseases of female urinogenital or secretory system,
  • Existence is warm - vascular diseases,
  • Pregnancy or lactation,
  • The increased arterial pressure,
  • Diseases of organs of vision.

Caution: The overdose is extremely undesirable. Repeated application is possible only 24 hours later. At observance of the dosage specified by the producer and lack of contraindications of problems at the women using Sex Thrall. All offered medicines are safe and most effective.

Packing: 4 bottles. 050 ml.

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Brand:American (U.S.A) Human Biological Engineering Researchinstitute
Country of manufacture:Thailand
Gender:For women
Release form:Liquid
Taste:Without taste
Information is up-to-date: 04.01.2022

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