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Vimax - Capsules for increase in a potentiality
  • Vimax - Capsules for increase in a potentiality

Vimax - Capsules for increase in a potentiality

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(Viagra for wen)



For increase in a potentiality.

Vimax represents the new medicine containing exclusively vegetable components. With its help sexual dysfunction can be eliminated, the erection is raised, and also the sexual inclination is increased. Thanks to existence in structure of Vimax only of vegetable ingredients, it is completely safe for an organism. Vimax is very qualitative medicine as it and all its ingredients are manufactured in Canada.

Characteristic: This medicine is intended for increase in an erection and extension of sex. Also after the use of capsules the penis size increases. As a part of means of Vimax to contain only natural components which make positive impact not only on male power, but also on the state of health in general. These means making at a production phase were carefully selected. Accepting the Vimax capsules, men will receive only positive impact, without worrying about negative effects.

Properties: Duration of application of Vimax makes from three to four months, and it is necessary to wait for considerable effect of application not earlier than 14 days from the moment of start of a cycle. We recommend for time of carrying out the course Vimax to refrain from the use of alcohol. Let's remind that the main indications to use of capsules are sexual dysfunction, problems with a potentiality and decrease in a sexual inclination. As a result, applications you will raise a libido, the erection will improve and it will become simpler to you to control process of an ejaculation.

Advantages: The natural structure of the tablets Vimax for increase in a potentiality, however effect of application develops not so quickly, as in case of reception of more popular medicamentous medicines. In general such combination of vegetable components renders several effects on an organism of men.

Treat them:

  • Increase in a sexual inclination and libido.
  • Restoration of a potentiality.
  • Strengthening of an erection.
  • Increase in duration of sexual intercourse, opportunity to control approach of an ejaculation.
  • Improvement of quality of sexual intercourse, strengthening of feelings and duration of an orgasm.

Besides, the producer claims that several courses of application of Vimaks forte not only cause restoration of a potentiality, but also promote increase in the sizes of a penis. Some responses confirm that tablets (capsule) are capable to cause the described effect, however there are no scientific validity and any explanations for this fact.


Indications to application: The bad ecology, the wrong way of life, stresses - all this influences male power. Vimax will help to solve problems in a complex.

  • To prolong sex time.
  • To raise an erection.
  • To make positive impact on sensitivity of a penis.
  • To increase the member.
  • To increase endurance during sex.
  • To stimulate production of testosterone.

Composition of medicine:

  • Ginseng,
  • Oats posevnoym (Avena Sativa),
  • Inosine,
  • Extract of fruits of a hawthorn,
  • Grass From the Palmetto,
  • Vitamin E,
  • Cayenne pepper,
  • Ginkgo Biloba leaves,

And also - the Grass of a lewd goat, it grows in China and was found by local shepherds. Further when carrying out researches the positive impact of this grass on an organism was proved at the scientific level.

Vimax is issued in the convenient encapsulated form. For days it is necessary to use one Vimax capsule since morning and one evening, after food and to plentifully wash down them with water. Apply Vimaks (Vimax) approximately for half an hour before sexual intercourse as it begins to influence an organism not at once. The recommended course of treatment - 3 - 4 packings of tablets. It is necessary to accept on 1 capsule twice a day.

Contraindications: Medicine completely natural without contraindications, except for individual intolerance of separate components.

  • Individual intolerance or hypersensibility to medicine components,
  • Existence is warm - vascular diseases,
  • The increased arterial pressure,
  • Diseases of organs of vision.

Caution: The overdose is extremely undesirable. At observance of the dosage specified by the producer and lack of contraindications of problems at the men using Vimax. The offered medicine is safe and most effective.

Packing: Vimax - 60 capsules.

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Country of manufacture:Canada
Gender:For men
Release form:Capsules
Taste:Without taste
Additional effect:Exciting
Information is up-to-date: 19.04.2022

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